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Dining Room

Our professional Cook will serve your favourite menus daily or if you wish to cook your by own, our kitchen is available with fully standard equipment.Our professional Cook will serve your favourite menus daily or if you wish to cook your by own, our kitchen is available with fully standard equipment.

Living Room

The Sahita Bali Beachfront Villa features a number of different living rooms throughout the entire building. The living rooms are furnished with the highest quality of furnishings and expensive touches added by the original art on the walls and local artifacts. Enhanced by the high ceiling to provide the sense of opulence and spacious feeling while at the same time boasts a comfortable mood. The owners of The Sahita pays close attention to aesthetic details of the entire aspectof the room to make sure to get the right atmosphere.

Gymnasium for Cardio

Guests at The Sahita Bali Beachfront Villa can enjoy the high quality exercise facilities and machine for cardio during their stay. The gymnasium has large and tall sliding doors that lets the morning beachside air blend into the large room and furthermore giving Guests uninterrupted views of the beach and the beatutiful land that encompasses the residence while exercising. The gymnasium features a large empty space of wood floor for Guests to move about for HIIT exercises, yoga mats, or any other exercises they wish.

Guests can also exercise during the evening as the gymnasium is equipped with enough ilumination and an air condition to provide comfort for evening exercise sessions.


Two book corners with seating for many and a table to read and take notes. Large book shelves covering one side of the wall, filled with books of various genres to accomodate many different tastes. Both libraries situated on the first and second floor have views of the garden and coconut palm trees along with the beach and the Indian Ocean. A perfect place to enjoy an afternoon tea with the sound of the waves as it gushes against the sand.

Rooftop Terrace

The seclusion that The Sahita Bali Beachfront Villa provides is paramount to its value as it provides an unprecedented privacy in such a large area. The rooftop terrace connect directly through a private enterance through your suite and holds commanding views of the large private swimming pool, garden, and your private beach while having the peace of mind that no one can see you and that you have all the privacy you need. 

Poolside Gazebo

A classical gazebo with alang-alang roof will be a prefect place to spent sunst time or become an altar ceremony to celebrate your memorable day. The roof held by six tall pillars provides 360 degree views of the entire residence and your own private beach. With the gazebo situated on the pool makes the feeling of floating and being in a whole new other world with nothing but great views, the beachside wind, and the soundtrack of waves and chirping birds.

Kitchen & Bar

A fully equiped kitchen with a high quality kitchen set will suuport your cooking time with family. Our experienced cooks will help you prepare your favourite menus with choices of daily fresh groceries from the local market or well known modern market. Classical bar decoration will bring you to feeling a country classical atmosphere accompanied with a glass of Fresh coconut water.